After-School Enrichment

Math, English Language Art & Youth Leadership


We are an enrichment school for elementary and secondary school students. We offer a system of after-school/weekend math and language arts classes for high-performing students. Our experienced teachers and our innovative approach to learning ensures that our students get the best education possible.

Our mission at KreativLearning is to help students build a solid foundation in math and language arts, cultivate their outstanding academic performance, build logical reasoning, problem-solving, self-confidence, and a love of learning that will last throughout their lifetime.

Our teachers are distinguished by their educational and professional backgrounds as the majority of our staff are full-time teachers who hold Ontario teachers certification.

Our curriculum is chosen from among the best in the field; by our experienced teachers. Each lesson at our school carefully builds on the concepts introduced in previous lessons and preceding years. Our classes are not designed with the end goal of a test.  Instead, we emphasize derivation through logical and critical thinking instead of memorization. Our goal is to provide our students with a foundation of deep mathematical and language arts knowledge and agility of thought that will serve them well throughout their entire lives.





Broader and Deeper Exploration

Enhanced depth and rigorous courses so that students learn broader and deeper knowledge than a typical curriculum, their academic performance can go far ahead of the same grade.


Unique Approach

We provide the most successful after-school programs curriculum and rigor courses to our students and take a problem-solving approach and focus on cultivating students’ logic, creative and critical thinking.


Small Class Size

We keep 1:1 small student-teacher ratio to guarantee that every student can get the attention and support they need to reach their highest potential. Our smaller class size allows the teacher to better manage the class and have more time for one-on-one care. 


High Quality Teachers

Our teachers are all Ontario licensed teachers, the majority of them had already been teaching in public schools for quite a while. They well prepare courses to provide students with the best classroom instruction.


Cultivating Problem-Solving

Not like many other enrichment schools, homework assignments and tests still reward the memory and mastering facts, we engage students in problem-solving and logic thinking, let student understand thoroughly.


Always Improving

Change for the better is always possible. We try our best to improve the quality of education, aligning our classroom instruction to the learning target and task for mastering a learning standard.